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Course Number 1: “Communication for Early Pregnancy Unit professionals”


CPDHere we will provide learning opportunities for professionals in this field to enhance their knowledge and contribute to their Continuous Professional Development.

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This course was developed in response to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommendation from the Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage Guidance (CG154)  (http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/CG154/chapter/introduction) published Decmber 2012, particularly reflecting paragraph 1.1.2 which states:

1.1.2  Healthcare professionals providing care for women with early pregnancy complications in any setting should be aware that early pregnancy complications can cause significant distress for some women and their partners. Healthcare professionals providing care for these women should be given training in how to communicate sensitively and breaking bad news. Non-clinical staff such as receptionists working in settings where early pregnancy care is provided should also be given training on how to communicate sensitively with women who experience early pregnancy complications.

This course is designed to help all professional working in an early pregnancy setting to better handle the sometimes difficult communications that arise with clients who may be experiencing a miscarriage.

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Course 1  Communication for Early Pregnancy Unit Professionals
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